Selling Abstract Art

The way that you can sell your artwork has developed over time. Nowadays artist use digital platforms to advertise and sell their artworks to potential customers. Below are some of the ways that are artist can use to advertise and sell their artworks.

  1. Write enhanced artwork descriptions

The perfect website for selling your artwork will permit and encourage you to write enhanced descriptions for every artwork you upload, also an artist statement and a bio. These paragraphs should be free of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes and also easy to read. However they should be optimized for search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Optimizing for search means utilizing the same titles and keywords in your description that artwork buyers utilize when looking for artwork online.


  1. Be more social

It will depend on the type of art website that you have signed up with, using of keywords in your description may assist a lot or they may not assist at all. Social networking is one of the most sure things to bring in traffic. Below are some of the perfect ways to network and sell your artwork.

Facebook – it is the largest social network in the globe, and it can assist you to get local exposure. You are able to create groups, events add contacts and also issue invitations. If you could like to advertise your artwork to a specific group, you are allowed to do so.

YouTube – this might be a bit tech-heavy for many artists, however just akin to Facebook it’s too immense to ignore. If you require help, find a person who posts videos regularly and enlist their assistance. Create a fast art demonstration, and upload it to your channel. Then look for a way to link directly from the page to your artwork.

Pinterest – this is the perfect social network for artists. It makes it simple to pin your artwork and get it seen faster by strangers and friends. When a person likes your artwork, they are able to re-pin it themselves, distributing your artwork further. If you could like to use only one social network then give Pinterest your first priority.


  1. Make an email newsletter for artwork lovers

Let people know that they can get an email to update them when you have finished another piece, and work on establishing a lasting relationship with them through that period of emailing. If already you are posing your artworks on a blog you can easily send emails automatically.

All that you should do is to put a subscription box in an outstanding place and ensuring that people fell comfortable. Over time you can establish up a big group of potential buyers. For example you can send emails every Friday with information on your finished articles.

  1. Advertise your artwork website in print

When you are printing flyers, postcards and even business cards, include the major website address where clients and customers can get and purchase your artwork. You shouldn’t be shy of promoting your website offline; in fact this is the surest way that you can target artwork lovers

  1. Team up with a few other artists

Team up with a few other artists. You can make a group blog or commit to linking back and forth; in the either way everybody will benefit. Many artists have teamed up and joined forces and every thing seems to be moving on very well with them. However if you fear losing traffic to your partners don’t do it. The Internet works in a way that you will often add your traffic with every new member.


The Art of Selling Art

Are you an artist who could like to add more traffic, then the above stated ways will help you to advertise and sell you artwork with much easy? What you need to do is to utilize the Internet and you will get many customers to purchase your artwork.

Abstract art has gotten something of a negative reputation today. It still feels like a good portion of the references to it are negative, with people talking about the idea that abstract modern art does not require any real technical skill. Nothing could be further from the truth.
— September 19, 2015

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