Choosing the Best Art Museums

To dedicated fans of art, almost all art museums are going to be worth visiting at least once. However, people will only have so much time and so much money, and it is best to prioritize when it comes to art museums. There are plenty of art museums out there.

The listings extend far beyond the classic examples that almost everyone is familiar with, such as the Louvre in France. People who are specifically interested in abstract art are going to need to look for modern art museums.


Fifteen Fantastic Art Museums

  1. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Art lovers will find all sorts of contemporary paintings here, including plenty of great abstract paintings.

  1. Seattle Art Museum

People will find an astonishing twenty thousand works of art at this museum. They are sure to find new favorites here.

  1. Booth Western Art Museum

This museum specifically showcases art from the West and from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

  1. The Mingei International Museum

This museum has everything from pottery to multimedia, and it should certainly have plenty of great abstract art.

  1. New York Museum of Modern Art

Abstract art lovers will absolutely have to pay a visit to this particular art museum at one point or another during their lives. The sheer breadth of its collection makes it all worth it.

  1. Brooklyn Museum

This museum has a truly astounding collection of 1.5 million works. People will have to visit several times to see them all.

  1. Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design

The Rhode Island School of Design is the Harvard of art schools, and this is an equally great art museum.

  1. Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

People who want to see great abstract art that has literally gone digital should look at this museum.


  1. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

This museum is full of some of the earliest and best avant-garde paintings of the early twentieth century.


  1. Whitney Museum of American Art

People can check out eighteen thousand different works of art at this incredible museum.

  1. Nelson-Atkins Museum

People can see up to thirty thousand pieces of art for free at this museum, which is a fantastic bargain.

  1. Philadelphia Museum of Art

This museum has a wonderfully deep and broad collection, and it will be sure to satisfy the tastes of lots of modern art lovers.

  1. Cleveland Museum of Art

People can observe all sorts of interesting pieces of artwork for free at this fabulous museum.

  1. Detroit Institute of the Arts

There are over one hundred different galleries in this museum alone, which will give people plenty of opportunities to view great art.

  1. Miami Museum of Contemporary Art

This is a new museum that is already managing to make a huge splash in the art world.



The Distribution of Great Abstract Art Museums in the United States

Many of the best abstract art museums in America are going to be located in New York City, which is a great place for art lovers in general. However, the United States has great museums like this everywhere. Often times, people should follow the art schools: most great art schools will have great art museums attached.

Abstract art has gotten something of a negative reputation today. It still feels like a good portion of the references to it are negative, with people talking about the idea that abstract modern art does not require any real technical skill. Nothing could be further from the truth.
— September 18, 2015

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