Abstract art has gotten something of a negative reputation today. It still feels like a good portion of the references to it are negative, with people talking about the idea that abstract modern art does not require any real technical skill. Nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of abstract painters do know how to render people and draw all sorts of other realistic elements of the environment. Abstraction is all about exploring perspective, lines, and color. We’re looking at the fundamentals of aesthetics and art and design. I created this website in order to educate people more about the purpose of abstract art, hopefully in the hopes of getting them to recognize the very real value that it has an art.

People will get all sorts of videos on lectures that relate to abstract art and talks from artists who also create abstract art. They will get visual samples of abstract art, which should hopefully clear up some of the misconceptions related to the idea that abstract art never contains anything from life or never says anything about it. There’s a lot of beauty possible with abstract art, and that beauty should be acknowledged and appreciated.